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Calix Solutions opened the doors on January 1, 2021. Initially, our goal was to work on implementing solutions for blockchain through avenues leading to both commercial as well as consumer markets. It became apparent that businesses were moving at the speed of a glacier in taking  advantage (or not) of what cryptocurrencies had to offer. We knew a portion of the general public saw the opportunity that cryptos offered. We had regular folks asking us if we could help maneuver their cryptos in a more secure and safe manner for some time prior to opening our doors. Years prior, both of us had dedicated laptops used solely for the purpose of protecting our investments. We have a phrase in Missouri, “what did you learn the second time the mule kicked you in the head?” We got the message, Lord. We found our space.


The LibertyLaptop is a new way to interact with the world. Today, you have to protect your identity at every level of life. Online is no longer anonymous. With the LibertyLaptop, you can finally interact with the Internet without giving up your privacy. You can surf the internet UN-announced and go to areas of the internet anonymously to gather information from sources that are unavailable to the average person.

At Calix Solutions, we arrange and modify your laptop so that the operating system does not track or trace your every online movement. We use our proprietary modification methods to secure your LibertyLaptop and provide links to software we recommend that you use for your online security.  

We provide support for our laptops focusing on making sure everything is functioning properly. Like the CryptoLaptop, there is a portal where you can view instructional videos, CyberSecurity updates, and resource documentation providing directions about surfing the Free web. 


If you’re like most folks, you use the same device to buy your cryptos and store them in wallets and on exchanges as you do to connect to friends on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and emails. That is a pocket asking to get picked by some guy named ‘Peggy’ in Belarus.

Fortunately, Calix Solutions delivers laptops designed with your cryptocurrency transactions and your safety in mind. We build out laptops for the sole purpose of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

The laptops available are the MacBook Air and the Lenovo IdeaPad. There maybe instances where Lenovo inventories are low due to microchip shortages. In those situations, we will use Dell laptops. The performance is both solid and comparable to the Lenovos.

We provide support for our laptops. That support focuses on making sure the wallets and exchanges you choose are functioning properly. Be aware that there are some changes made by the exchanges and wallets that we have no control over. In the event of laptop failure, we will do our best to figure out what needs to happen to get you running again.

Finally, if you do not understand cryptos or how they work, you should be focused on getting that education before getting our CryptoLaptop . If you don’t know what you’re doing, we can guarantee trouble. This is not how to begin figuring out Bitcoin because you’ll lose your ass.

Affiliate Links

We are focused on not just Crypto Adoption, but safe and secure adoption. With your help we can protect newbies to Cryptos and their Crypto Assets. We have put a Crypto-Laptop Affiliate Program in place.

It’s very simple. Go to and sign up as an affiliate. Once your account is approved, search for Calix Solutions in the Merchant area of the site. When you find us, request to become an affiliate. Upon approval, you will be issued a unique link as a Calix Solutions Affiliate. For every sale that uses your link, you will get $50.00.

Other Services

We are working on other services that will provide our clients with additional protection. We are having discussions with a number of outside resources to insure that the path we are taking will provide the security and peace of mind as intended. That said, we’re probably looking at the 3rd Quarter of 2023. Of course, after the past 24 months, what could possibly go wrong?

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