What makes the Calix Solutions’ Crypto-Laptops so safe?

The reason the crypto-laptops are is twofold. First of all the security software used on them has been proven effective and solid. In addition to that, we make modifications that ensure additional layers of security are provided for and that firewalls are adjusted to accommodate crypto currency operations. The laptops also include encryption. Couple these things with the user’s adjusted behavior that only uses the laptop for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and you have incredibly tight security measures in place. By not using your laptop for social media, shopping, Internet research, or emailing friends and family you greatly reduce the opportunity for bad actors to drop malware on this laptop.

Should I use my smart phone for cryptos?

There are several platforms that are only on smart phone apps. That said, the cryptos you can get there  can also be acquired from desktop apps. Phones are more susceptible to hackers through cloning and SIM card hacks. Once your SIM card gets boosted, you’re hosed. Too easy.

Oh, and I hope you haven’t synced your phone with your laptop apps. If so, please re-think that move.

What happens if the computer breaks down?

If the computer breaks down, contact us and will direct you what to do. In all likelihood you will be sending the laptop back to the manufacturer for them to repair or replace any damaged hardware. Then we will have you send the laptop to us so we can reformat it as you had originally directed us. There will not be a cost for reformatting. There may be a cost for shipping.

Should I use a VPN?

A VPN can be particularly helpful if you live in a state that restricts your access to buying cryptocurrencies. The People’s Republic of New York comes to mind. A VPN can provide a level of anonymity, just know that the VPN companies sell your aggregate data. And lately, they have become the target of companies indexing the IP addresses of the servers used by VPN companies.

How will my laptop be set up?

We will include access to the exchanges, wallets, and masternodes that were determined to be on your list of must-haves. Once we send the laptop, a phone call will be scheduled to help you unpack your laptop and get everything in working order. That set-up call can last for an hour to an hour and a half. If need be, a Zoom call can be scheduled.

Calix Solutions will provide support to make sure the access to the wallets, masternodes, and exchanges are operating properly when you get the crypto-laptop. Should you need to learn how to do things like transferring crytpos from exchanges to wallets, we have resources available for you to learn from online.

Can I add new wallets and exchanges to this laptop?

Yes, you can. You need to make certain that the url is correct. Conduct that research on another laptop or smart phone. You can find the information about exchanges and some wallets on both coinmarketcap.com and coingecko.com You can look up all wallets on the Brave browser. For questions about masternodes go to masternodes.online to get the full list. Again, this research is NOT to be done on your crypto-laptop.

Am I really storing my crypto’s on this laptop?

No. Think of the crypto-laptop as a means to access the exchanges and wallets that you are using to purchase and store your cryptos. You really wouldn’t want to store anything on the laptop because if it were stolen or damaged, there go your cryptos. The good news is that everything on the laptop can be recreated and re-established on a new laptop with the loss of any assets.

Can I hardwire from my modem to my laptop using an Ethernet connection?

It’s a good idea to hardwire a connection from your laptop to your modem. this will require certain adapters that you can purchase from Amazon. Which adapters are determined by what laptop you purchase a MacBook Air requires a USB-C to Ethernet adapter. A PC will require a USB-A to Ethernet adapter. Both set ups require a CAT-6 ethernet cable. They will both cost about $20. The Cat-6 line will be plugged into the Ethernet port in the modem/router. You will need to make sure that the connection to your laptop is going through the Ethernet and not the WiFi connection.