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Calix Solutions created LibertyLaptops with the intent of securing your online experience from data leaks and unwanted tracking of your personal data. There has never been a more critical time for protecting your online presence than now. Take a moment to see what the LibertyLaptops provide. 

The LibertyLaptop is the smartest way to interact with the world. Enjoy a profound sense of security while surfing the web through safe and anonymous web-browsing. Worried about your personal information leaking to data brokers and hackers? With the LibertyLaptop you can shop at your favorite online retailers and listen to your favorite online music and even interact with social media without exposing your data to corporations and governments.  

At Calix Solutions, we arrange and modify your laptop so that the operating system does not track or trace your every online movement. We use our proprietary modification methods to secure your LibertyLaptop and provide information on recommended software that you use for your online security.  

Once you receive your LibertyLaptop, you will be able to maneuver online more securely and safely. In today’s world you have to protect your identity at every level of life. Online is no longer safe and anonymous. With the LibertyLaptop, you can finally interact with the Internet without giving up your privacy. Welcome to the new way of being online. Brought to you by Calix Solutions.  

PC - Laptop

Windows Laptop

Prices Starting at $1,850

Apple – Laptop

Apple MacBook Air Laptop

Prices Starting at $2,100

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