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Welcome to the Calix Solutions Crypto-Laptop Affiliate Program. At Calix Solutions, we are focused on not just Crypto Adoption, but safe and secure adoption. With your help we can protect newbies Cryptos and their Crypto Assets. This how it works. Go to and sign up as an affiliate. Once your account is approved, search for Calix Solutions in the Merchant area of the site. Upon approval, you will be issued a unique link as a Calix Solutions Affiliate. For every sale that uses your link, you will get $50.00. That’s it. It’s that simple for you to help the community grow in a safe and secure manner and make money doing it. The video below will walk you through how to sign up as an affiliate.

Be sure to read the area of our Home Page that describes the Crypto Laptops and the buying process so you have all the info your Referees may need.

Thanks again for your interest in becoming a Calix Solutions Affiliate! Now let’s make you some extra money to buy more Bitcoin!!

Once you have a link to send people to, you can create a QR code so that all anyone has to do is open the camera on their phone, point it at the code and it will take them to that website.

Hopefully this helps you get started! Look for more information here in the future.

Your Friends,
Bitcoin Ben & Patrick

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