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Windows LibertyLaptop

In order to protect your use of the PC, Calix Solutions will adjust the settings to stop secretive transmissions of your data anywhere. We will enhance the security settings and optimize the operational effectiveness on your laptop. To make it even more difficult to breach, these laptops come with a layer of encryption. Calix Solutions will also make sure transaction history is not stored on your device. In addition, know that no information will be stored on the cloud through One Drive.

There are two options available in terms of the laptops. One is the 12GB RAM while the other is the 16GB RAM machine. The advantage of selecting the 16GB RAM option is the  increased capacity to execute more operations with more applications opened. In recent events, we have seen numbers of web-based applications up their requirement for RAM as well as processor power. The minimum we are seeing is 8GB RAM.  (We have been able to get the 12GB RAM through volume purchases. It’s like an 11, only more.) The next step up in spec requirements goes to 16GB RAM.

Product Features


Personalize Your LibertyLaptop™



When you first get the LibertyLaptop, Calix Solutions helps format the laptop to keep you protected so you travel the web undetected. The initial set up options include signing up for an encrypted email account, subscribing to a VPN service, creating a back-up mechanism to an external drive, and more.

From the moment you turn on your LibertyLaptop you’re protected.  The LibertyLaptop autoruns a system wide security synchronization up during the loading process. At the beginning of each session, turn on the VPN and choose a location. Additionally, you have the option to run a system clean-up at the start of every session as well as run the anti-virus software on a PC.

As you end your session, we show you how to exit the Internet safely and do an end of session sweep on your LibertyLaptop. This includes running a system clean-up by clearing unwanted files and trackers as well as deploying an anti-virus application if you’re using a PC.

Calix Solutions is committed to making each experience on the internet a safer one.

CAT6 Ethernet Package

The CAT6 Ethernet Package will allow you to plug your LibertyLaptop™ into your modem/router for additional security. Making that connection will provide you with an undetected path to the Internet.

The CAT6 Ethernet Package contains a 10 foot CAT 6 ethernet cable and a USB adaptor that connects to your laptop. The PC will require a USB-A adaptor while the Mac needs the USB-C adaptor.