There are some things that just don’t go together: Alabama and Texas fans, Aluminum foil in microwaves, black socks and sandals, alcohol and cell phones, or a blind-folded clown in a mine field. Another thing would be your PC and cryptocurrencies. If you’re like most folks, you use the same device to buy your cryptos and store them in wallets and on exchanges as you do to connect to friends on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and emails. That is a pocket asking to get picked – CLEAN!

Fortunately, Calix Solutions delivers PC laptops designed with your cryptocurrency transactions and your safety in mind. We build out laptops for the sole purpose of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. To do so, Calix Solutions makes certain the short cuts you need to function a trade is resident on your laptop. This mitigates the possibility of accessing malware or viruses by surfing the ‘Net. Whatever links to wallets and exchanges you require are loaded on your laptop. Once the laptop is delivered, we set up a Zoom call to walk you through the process of establishing wallets and exchange accounts. Should you need to move cryptocurrencies from one location to another, we’ll be glad to help you with that as well.

Here’s how it works, call us at 702.845.8276 or email us and let us know you’re interested in getting a laptop. We’ll have an initial conversation discussing the various locations and tools that you would like to have available on the PC build out. We’ll follow up with an email outlining what you want. (This is a type of work order.) You confirm the order. Upon receipt of payment, we build out the PC to order.

The laptop that we will build out will be a HP High Performance 14-inch laptop or something equally comparable. The PC will include features like, or closely similar to, the following:

The PC will fast and seamless delivery of data. Of course, the Internet connection has an impact on that. We use the Windows Security App that comes with Windows 10 with the proper settings selected for cryptocurrency transactions. AV apps such as Norton, McAfee and Malwarebytes do not inherently play well with wallets and exchanges let alone Divi nodes so please refrain from listening to your pals who tell you otherwise. If you were going to surf the Web on this PC, we’d agree with them. However, you cannot do that with this laptop and hope to keep from getting hacked. Trust us when we say you will unleash Hell if you do. No Facebook. No personal emails. No research. Nothing that can provide unwanted access to someone else.

When we set up your PC, we create a unique email for set up purposes only but we do recommend you have a non-identifiable email (no first-name last-name configuration) for notifications from wallets and exchanges to be kept separate from your other emails.

Call us at 702.845.8276 or email us if you’re interested in getting a laptop or have any questions. We’ll help you make your cryptocurrency transactions safer.

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